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Gear Fuel is a fitness apparel & accessories brand, online retailer based in the United States, supported by thousands of highly engaged social media followers and customers.

Created in 2016 by a group of a college friends. Gear Fuel is one of the fastest growing and most inspiring brands in fitness. This growth comes from a devotion to producing innovative, effective, and sometimes crazy designed performance wear and an ever-expanding social presence, and above all a commitment to the Gear Fuel vision:

We exist to empower the people and unlock their full incredible potential and put their ideas into action.
Be Bold, Ball that you imagine, BE YOU!

Our Beliefs

Family: Our community of athletes, artists and visionaries stretch all the way across the globe. We are a family of like-minded individuals working together to bring our respective visions to life.

We exist because of you! To remain at the forefront of the world, we need to be fearlessly progressive and consistently future-conscious. We are not future-proof. We are the future.

Vision In everything we do, be true to our own vision and respectful of others. We are here to bring ideas to life. There is no idea too big, or too small. Just like there is nothing stoping you! THERE IS NOTHING STOPPING US!

Our greatest belief of all is that we can help empower women everywhere in achieving their goals, wether that is a healthier life style, financial freedom, or education!

You too can be a part of making a difference in women's lives by purchasing from our site! 4% of EVERY purchase goes to empowering women! 

Difference You Have Made!

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