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Love our store? Want to promote our products and earn rewards?

We are looking for social media influencers and bloggers/vloggers to help promote our brand and products.

What is an influencer?
An influencer is a person or company with a website, blog or social media channel that promotes brands like ours. If you refer someone to our site and they then make a purchase, you will be paid a sales commission (%) of the total order value.

What am I meant to do as a GearFuel influencer?
Promote our brand / products on your website, blog or social media channels. For example.

  • Sharing our branding / ads
  • Sharing your referral link or discount code
  • Creating product review blogs / vlogs.

Thank You

Just like there is nothing stoping US! There is nothing stopping YOU! We empower our customers by allowing them to be who they really are! We help them achieve everything they want and share it to the world so that in turn it encourages others who are hesitant. Thats what being FUEL (Gear Fuel Ambassador) is about! YOU are the FUEL that drives this company. This is not just our company, it is yours! Go ahead say it.


Join Us In Our Journey!


  • Encompass passion and dedication
  • Have friends & family
  • You love us and our community


  • A Community who loves, supports, and encourages you!
  • Shoutout on our Instagram if you tag, follow and submit your photograph to us on Instagram (@GearFuel)
  • Commission ( 15% of every sale you refer! ) imagine what you can do with that! (
  • More Gear Fuel Apparel? )
  • It's Free to Join
  • You'll have exclusive access to influencer only offers and promotions

Be Bold, Be Different, BE YOURSELF!

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