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Why Every Competitive Cyclist Should Wear a Mouthguard

Posted on August 21 2018

Why Every Competitive Cyclist Should Wear a Mouthguard

In the 21st-century, technology is playing an ever-increasing part in the development of successful strategies for improving endurance and increasing oxygen flow around the body of a cyclist. Many cyclists who have found they are running out of stamina as they embark on a ride are now looking to the dental industry for answers about how they are going to increase their stamina levels. Knowing the right dental technology improves diagnosis has led to an increase in the use of mouthguards custom-fitted by a dental expert.

Increasing stamina

The main concern for a cyclist when deciding to use a dental mouthguard when embarking on a ride is to make sure the jaw stays relaxed, and the teeth are not clenched. A study reported by The New York Times, which has been ongoing at The Citadel college since 2005, shows athletes using a mouthguard had better airflow and endurance levels.

In the past, athletes and cyclists had been told to keep their jaw and mouth relaxed to ensure the best flow of air as they work hard. A mouthguard improves treatment by realigning the jaw. Some experts believe the proper alignment of the jaw by just a few millimeters is enough to ensure that a higher respiratory rate is achieved by athletes at all levels. Some experts believe the benefit of a mouthguard can be of greatest benefit to a professional cyclist who is looking for an increase in performance of just a few percents.

Part of safety gear

According to a family dentist, the aim of custom-fit mouthguards by a dental expert fitting the product correctly is to reduce pain and speed recovery. However, safety is another aspect of the use of a mouthguard which should not be underestimated. Mouthguards have a long history of protecting the teeth, smile, and jaw of the wearer in contact sports such as hockey, soccer, and football but are now showing benefits for cyclists too. A custom-fit can aid in reducing damage to the teeth of the wearer if they fall or crash during a ride, according to

Innovative design

The innovation in cycling-dedicated mouthguards has been taking place for more than a decade with the introduction of dental experts noted as a way their use improves treatment. The design of each mouthguard is unique to the wearer but includes a small area for air to pass through in the front of the mouth and a full cover at the rear. Some designs concentrate on the realignment of the lower jar and cover just the bottom row of teeth.

Whether you’re looking to get the next edge in your cycling, or are just looking to fill out your protective gear while cycling, getting the correct, custom-fit mouthguard is sure to bring a smile to your face.


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