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What Building Muscle Looks Like for Women

Posted on April 27 2018

What Building Muscle Looks Like for Women

The prospect of building muscles for women can be an incredibly daunting and even mysterious task. While there is not as much work on the building of muscles for women as there is for men, there is still a plethora of information that muscle growth can be promoted through a combination of smart dieting and exercise.

How are Women Different?

Women do build muscle differently from men, as they have different chemicals ratios in their body that promote different growth habits. Women especially have less testosterone, the primary ingredient for building bulky muscle. This makes it difficult to get "huge," a common fear among women who are starting an exercise regime. But there are ways to increase testosterone production and thereby foster feminine muscle growth.

Changing diet and liquid intake is another important aspect of muscle building. Increasing fluid uptake allows for muscles to be repaired quickly aids the cells in growing larger. Making sure your diet is balanced with complex carbohydrates, healthy fats, and proteins are easily the most important dimension of losing weight while putting on muscle at the same time.

What it takes

As previously mentioned, women have a significantly lower quantity of testosterone in their system. So the best way for any women to build muscle is to hit the weights. Weightlifting ramps up testosterone production, making it much easier to put on muscle fast. According to Oxygen, doing 4-7 sets of 6-12 reps is considered the best range to try and facilitate more testosterone and build muscle quickly. Complementing these workouts with cardio like running or even other intense, high-paced workouts such as circuit lifting can encourage weight loss while building muscle simultaneously.

It is often difficult for women to find the perfect balance that creates shredded muscles, as women naturally have a higher percentage of body fat and so it can take more work to achieve a shredded appearance. According to Body Spartan, this look can be achieved by reducing the body fat to under 20% while at the same time building  muscles up proportionally. You'll be relieved to hear that when women get shredded or bulk up, they exhibit a much less veiny appearance than male bodybuilders.


While it may seem more difficult for women to build muscle, utilizing a few key techniques and insights makes it perfectly possible. The road to looking shredded or bulking up is just a few easy and achievable steps away. From correct dieting to knowing how to lift weights, modern science and research make these goals achievable to anyone who's willing to put in the work.


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