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Sensitive Gums: The Most Common Culprits Behind Canker Sores?

Posted on June 01 2018

Sensitive Gums: The Most Common Culprits Behind Canker Sores?

A canker sore is a painful sore that many people get in their mouths at least once in their lives. To learn more about this common health concern, here are are five common causes of canker sores.

1. Weak Immune Systems

An overall weakened immune system may cause canker sores to appear on the gums. The immune system problem may be caused by a lack of vitamins and minerals, malnutrition, or a health issue such as kidney disease.

2. Viruses and Bacteria

You can have a flare-up of canker sores if you are suffering from a virus or a bacterial infection. A bacterial infection may be resolved with medication, but a virus will not be resolved the same way.

3. Mouth Allergies

You can get canker sores if you are allergic to certain foods or mouth products. For example, some people are allergic to Listerine, and they develop sores immediately or shortly after using the product. Your allergy may be to a specific food, as well. For example, you may not be able to handle peanuts, walnuts, chocolate, and so on.

4. Poor Tooth Positioning

The position of a tooth can cause it to scrape some part of your gums or the inside of your mouth. Your gums can then develop painful canker sores and inflammation. This is a common situation for people who still have their wisdom teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth or overcrowding from wisdom teeth can cause canker sores to develop, along with other painful problems.

5. Dental Appliances

Dental appliances and some hygienic actions can cause you to develop canker sores. For example, brushing your teeth too hard can make a sore develop, and you'll have to be extra careful afterward. Another thing that can make you develop a sore is friction from a corrective dental appliance, such as a set of braces. Fortunately, there are other methods for straightening your teeth that don't cause you or your mouth any harm.

There are many solutions that you can use to resolve the problem of gum sores. You can use a topical numbing agent to stop the pain while the sore is healing. You can resolve a food allergy by ceasing to eat the food, but you have to get a confirmed allergy diagnosis first. Salt water rinses or antiseptic mouthwash rinses may also help if you are not allergic to such products.

If you are experiencing painful canker sores, you may want to contact a dental specialist who can help you find a solution. If you use the right strategy, your canker sores will heal in no time.

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