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Accessories Every True Athlete Needs in Their Arsenal

Posted on April 24 2018

Accessories Every True Athlete Needs in Their Arsenal

Athletes often need certain accessories to improve their performance. Some items allow for weight monitoring or heartrates, while others are made to make exercising more enjoyable. Learn about common accessories that are found in the home or gym locker of every serious athlete.


Support Cushions

All athletes need several days of rest in between exercises. Use a good neck alignment pillow or neck rest to support the proper alignment of your spine and back on your off-days. Use this device regularly to straighten your spine and improve your overall balance.


Stretching Tools

Stretching is an essential task to do before and after you work out muscular areas. The more strenuous the exercises are, the more you need to stretch. Loosen these muscles to feel less tight and sore after a hard workout. 

Use foam rollers for easy stretching on the ground. Place these rollers on the lower back, behind the knees, on the sides of the leg, or any other part of the body. Increase your flexibility and feel less pain after exercising by stretching properly and digging deep in your muscle tissue.

Resistance bands also promote stretching. Some people like to use these bands with partners. One person can pull on one end as another person pulls on the other end, which stretches the arm muscles. 


Jogging Accessories

A waist pack is made to help women and men take their essentials on the go. Some people carry towels or water bottles, some have heartrate monitors and others must carry their medical supplies. Athletes running any distance know they have these essentials nearby. Choose from various pack colors, designs, and materials to include with your wardrobe of cute athletic clothing. You can also use knee compression socks to help protect joints as you run, and keep your legs fresh for longer.



Many athletes multitask to save time and increase efficiency. They may work on aerobic training as they work on lifting weights. During a walk, consider using dumbbells to strengthen the muscles in your arms and hands. Choose from dumbbells made in different colors, sizes, and weights for all types of athletes. 


Reusable Water Bottle

Every athlete needs to restore the water that is lost through sweat. Have a reusable water bottle to carry to any location. Be sure it’s made of a strong, durable material like stainless steel instead of a flimsy plastic.


Accessories are optional but recommended tools for every athlete to have. Working out is easier when you have handy tools nearby. It's also more effective when you have portable tools to monitor your progress in between exercises. Overall, every athlete benefits from having one or more accessories to choose from.


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