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5 Reasons You Might Not Be Hitting Your Fitness Goal

Posted on October 09 2018

5 Reasons You Might Not Be Hitting Your Fitness Goal

Fitness waits for no man. That's the beauty of it. You have to show up, sacrifice time, and put yourself through discomfort to achieve your fitness goals. It doesn't matter your station in life. But it can be incredibly frustrating to put in the work to not get the results. You may be holding yourself back from your fitness goals unintentionally. Here are the five biggest reasons.

1. Diet

It's simple — you can't outwork a bad diet. You have to spend an hour on the Stairmaster to burn off the calories in three glasses of wine. An entire day spent at the gym can be undone in five minutes with bad food choices. Cut out refined sugars and processed foods to lose weight to see more definition. This way, you can focus on eating foods that will give you the energy to exercise, so you have to think fruits, veggies, and controlled amount of proteins. Of course, be sure not to go too low-carb or too low-fat, in those case you definitely won’t have enough energy to exercise.

2. Weight Issues

Excess weight can make workouts less effective. Take heavy back squats, for example. You may not be hitting your target strength because you're too heavy. If you lose 40 pounds, then you add 40 pounds to the bar. That just might put you over the top. Excess weight also reduces your ability to sprint fast, run for long distances and it makes you less mobile. Everything from weightlifting to yoga is more difficult with extra pounds. Remember that it's much easier to shed weight through diet.

3. Substance Addiction

Alcohol kills athletic progress. It's full of empty calories, and your body easily stores the carbohydrates as fat. Drugs will also set you back. Carefully examine your habits. You might have a problem if you hit the gym hard only to go home to get drunk or high. Remember that addiction is, in fact, a disease. You should approach recovery from a standpoint with that mindset. There are multiple ways to go from there, whether you go to rehab or couple medication with psychotherapy and support, so as to create a solid foundation for those that suffer from alcohol addiction can build a longer lasting recovery.

4. Improper Form

It's better to reduce the amount of weight than to lift with improper form. Incorrect form can get you injured which would undoubtedly make it difficult to achieve your fitness goals. It can also have you working for the wrong muscle groups. After all, it's not very useful to work your hamstrings when you're trying to work your glutes. Plus, you want to get the most out of your exercise. Because if you’re not correctly exercising you’re not correctly targeting the specific muscle groups you want to build. No matter how much of a pain you think it is, exercise with proper form.

5. Wrong Exercises

Exercise science keeps evolving. High-intensity cardio sessions lasting only four minutes have been proven scientifically more valuable than an hour of jogging. Gaining lean muscle mass through lifting gives you metabolic tissue that helps you burn fat. Define your fitness goals and make sure you're doing the right exercises to achieve them.

Getting fit is hard, but not impossible. There are multiple ways to go about it, and they’re all unique to your individual situation, so don’t be deterred when one routine and diet doesn’t immediately work the way you wanted it to. Research other routines and try again.


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