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3 Biohacking Trends For 2018

Posted on July 25 2018

3 Biohacking Trends For 2018

Biohacking incorporates a set of practices and substances that when applied or ingested change the body and mind in a quantifiable way.

While biohacking has been around for centuries, ever since people have been trying to alter their state—physical and mental—through food, meditation, and other means, only recently has the movement for DIY biological manipulation come into the mainstream.

Several famous biohackers claim to have invented the term “biohacking,” but the closest record we have of the term's creation and in association with what we currently refer to as biohacking began in 1948 with Norbert Wiener. Weiner, an American mathematician, coined the phrase “cybernetics” to explain how mechanics and living organisms communicate with one another and to themselves.

Weiner sparked a movement that first and foremost attempted to discover the role of biology in human function, and later began mapping out different ways to manipulate these functions to optimize human potential.  

Today, various biohacking methods can be employed by individuals through natural, mechanical, nutritional, mental, and physical means to improve performance, state, and drive.

3 Biohacking Trends Will Propel Biohacking Into The Mainstream In 2018

There are numerous ways to apply biohacking methods and technologies to the human organism, some controversial and some very run-of-the-mill. While most biohackers stay away from the so-called “unnatural” methods and prefer to go about the “natural” way, both do coexist and are continually tested and documented for the benefit of humankind.

Of course, going natural, as nature intended with a few tweaks here and there, is safer than experimenting with substances and machines that have been altered by human touch. This holds true especially if you are a DIY biohacker who does not have the resources of biofeedback machines, a laboratory setting, and a host of qualified scientists to help out should something go wrong.

All this being said, there are some natural and safe approaches you can apply today to increase your quality of life Three of the most common and widely-accepted bio hacks to date include nootropics, CBD Oil, and biohacking applications (apps).


While the term nootropic is commonly associated with the term “smart drugs,” nootropics themselves do not necessarily have to include pharmaceutical drugs, although there are a host of such drugs that have been proven to drastically alter a human beings’ mental capabilities for the better.

There are many natural nootropic compounds, however, that when taken individually or combined with each other (a.k.a. nootropic stack) have the power to improve memory, focus, clarity, motivation creativity, and executive functions.

In a nutshell, nootropics make your brain work better. Some natural nootropics that are worthy of consideration and that can be taken safely on a daily basis include the following:

  • Vitamins (B vitamins)
  • Amino Acids (especially L-Tyrosine, L-Theanine, and L-Carnitine)
  • Fatty Acids (Omega 3,6, & 9)
  • Minerals (calcium & magnesium)
  • Foods (coffee, coconut oil, and butter)

While the above list does not include each and every natural compound that upgrades brain function, they have been tested and proven to do so both clinically and experientially by thousands of users and have therefore been deemed relatively safe for human consumption in regards to brain performance.

In particular, “keto coffee”, consisting of coffee, butter, and coconut oil, is a very easy and safe “nootropic stack” that has been shown to increase mental energy and focus due to the combined ingredients of caffeine and medium-chain-triglycerides (MCT) that affect both the central nervous system and the mitochondria of brain cells.

What is best about this particular nootropic stack is that it can be taken daily and is relatively easy to make, which is why more and more people, especially coffee drinkers, are switching over to this form of high-brain-energy java. This trend is likely to continue and increase throughout 2018.


Almost everybody is aware of THC, the psychoactive compound found in marijuana, and its effects on psychology and physical relaxation. However, recently have scientists and the public at large begun to discover another compound found in the plant—cannabidiol (CBD)—which has a wide range of both physical and mental benefits which do not come at the price of “getting high” (a.k.a. no psychoactive properties found in CBD).

Some of the biohacking benefits that occur due to the use of CBD Oil include:

  • Pain Relief
  • Anti-Inflammation
  • Anxiety Reduction
  • Reduction of Psychotic Episodes
  • Seizure Reduction
  • Tumor Reduction
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Diabetes Management

In particular, CBD’s nootropic effect on anxiety disorders is of particular note as recent studies have shown that consumption of CBD Oil does, in fact, seem to reduce anxiety in patients.

According to Dr. Esther Blessing, psychiatrist & researcher at NYU, “CBD could be an effective treatment for anxiety and addiction.”

The question remains as to how CBD Oil relieves anxiety? What are the compounds and mechanisms that produce such results?

Physical studies have shown that cannabidiol can alter specific compounds and functions within the body, some of which are listed below.

  • Reducing 5-HT1A, which helps increase Serotonin, the happy chemical, within the brain.
  • Hippocampal Neurogenesis, which aids in increasing neurons in the hippocampal portion of the brain responsible for reducing depression and improving memory.

As CBD Oil has been deemed a supplement, yet not a medicine within the U.S., it can be purchased without a prescription. This, along with the benefits mentioned above, makes CBD Oil an accessible and effective nootropic for the masses.

As more and more states continue to legalize marijuana, the production of CBD Oil should continue to increase along with it further research as to its properties and benefits ultimately leading to more and more sales of this “miracle” compound.

Biohacking Apps

Not all bio hacks need to be done through nutritional or herbal means. Practices like meditation, breathing and physical exercises, and rest produce outstanding biohacking results for both mind and body.

What is more, these simple practices can be monitored and upgraded to produce even better results—the sole reason for biohacking—through the use of modern technology in the form of apps.

Those who have been biohacking for many years agree that proper biohacking is just as much about quantifying the data as taking the right combination of nootropics or doing the right type of meditation or exercise suited for your particular psychology and physiology. In short, you can not improve upon what you do not know, and that is why biohacking apps that monitor specific biometrics like sleep patterns, brain waves, heartbeat and blood sugar levels are flooding the biohacking market these days.

The top bio hack apps available these days tend to measure the following three metrics:

  • Sleep Cycle: Monitors sleep cycles based on breathing patterns.
  • Brainwaves: Measure the various brain waves that are reached during meditation (e.g., Alpha, Beta, & Theta) to determine how well that particular session was.
  • Heart Rate: As the health of the heart is one of the main measures of health, biohackers need to monitor their heart rate on a regular basis to see if their bio hacks are working in the manner in which they want them to. There are a host of apps out there that can measure the heart rate through smartphones and wristbands.

As biohacking has become more mainstream in the last couple of years, so have the above three bio hacks just mentioned—nootropics, CBD Oil, and biometric applications. These three biohacking strategies are some of the most researched and proven ways in which to improve one’s performance and health.

Biohacking is here to stay, and those interested in “upgrading” should give the biohacking trends mentioned in this article a shot. As more and more demands are placed on us from the outside world, it has become more crucial for us to not only maintain a high level of mental and physical functioning but to steadily increase our mental and physical abilities to keep up with the needs of our time.


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